How did Artists Survive the Pandemic Despite the Lockdowns?

The COVID-19 pandemic has done a lot of damage ever since it has spread throughout the globe. Lockdowns here and there have been commonplace. This prompted the banning of face-to-face interaction. Truly, this COVID-19 has changed the way everyone is working and living nowadays. Artists are no exemption. They are also learning to adapt to the new normal as workshops, art fairs, and exhibitions are being put on hold.

There are business closures as well as closure of museums. How are artists coping with this situation?

Strengthen Your Online Presence

Artists in general have lost sales, delayed workshops, and cancelled openings. This time of the pandemic, they do this to protect themselves from contacting the virus. Good thing artists have ways to cope when it comes to dealing with this pandemic.

Artists are taking a positive approach in response to cancelled art shows. This is also true with cancelled exhibits, conferences, workshops, and coaching sessions. One of this is strengthening online presence. How? “By focusing less on in-person teaching,” said visual artist Helen Klebesadel. “Also, focusing on creativity coaching for money,” she added. She would like to focus more on online creativity coaching.

That means teaching online your arts knowledge.

Klebesadel planned of setting up a Facebook Group called “Cabin Fever Creative Community.” This is because she noticed that some of her students were feeling isolated and afraid. This group is also built to share the work everyone was making during this time.

The Arts World From Your Couch

A quarantine art club has started on Instagram. This is by American children’s book illustrator and artist Carson Ellis. This is with assignments daily for people stuck at home.

Musicians recorded a virtual rendition of Beethoven’s Ode to Joy. Musicians from Rotterddam Philharmonic Orchestra embraced technology.

Yes, they have been adjusting to the new normal and new reality. They have been finding solutions to support each other.

Other musicians and singers have live-streamed their concerts from home. Audiences were quick to like and share their concerts commenting on those.

Billboard has compiled a list of artists and bands who live-stream shows. This is to share some musical joy nowadays.

Focus on Creating New Work

Artists are also using this down time. This is to experiment new series, create new work, and be on longer-term projects.

Visual artist Penny Heather said that she will maintain production. She will be focusing on creating new exciting works.

How can artists stay focused during these times?

Set aside a dedicated space. If they used a studio layout during face-to-face work, they can mimic that at home by assigning a space for them. Newbies who are working from home may create a space. This should be different enough from their non-working space. This space should have limited distractions. With this area, you can create new artwork.

Create a schedule. This will be to manage your work availability. Artists work using non-structured days in their schedule. Now is the time to structure their days. You can get yourself a set schedule for you to work your art. This way, you can discipline yourself on when you should produce and when you should take a break. Make sure you also have time to make and keep yourself as healthy as possible. This means having a set time to connect with loved ones.

Keep yourself healthy. You need to be able to work and create so take care of yourself. Make sure you are kind to yourself and that your needs are being met. You can take part in prompt challenges to exercise your creativity.

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