How did 88rising Give the Perfect Songs to Build Shang Chi’s Story?

88rising is a media company under Warner Music Group that specializes in producing music and creating digital content for Asian artists. Their services include marketing, distribution, licensing, and management. They have been known to cultivate an international presence from different cultures around the world. The CEO of 88rising is Sean Miyashiro.  

He and his team of producers and creatives sit down and think about the stories they want to tell and build their own worlds with music. This is what helped them create a star named Rich Chigga. 

Who is Shang Chi? 

Shang Chi is a comic book character in Marvel Comics. He is a master martial artist, being able to beat Iron Fist and the Sons of the Tiger. In the recent “Master of Kung Fu” series by Marvel, he has been said to resemble Bruce Lee, due to his fighting style and looks. Shang Chi was created by Steve Englehart and Jim Starlin in 1973 for Marvel Comics.  

Shang-Chi’s story is perfect to go along with 88rising because of his Asian origin and how he has tried to keep away from the world that would look down on him for being an oriental man. Shang Chi is trying to break into the Western market, just like what 88radical wants to do.  

The Song about Shang Chi Story 

88rising came out with a song created by BrianIshii, named “Shang-Chi”. 88rising said this in one of their interviews, “It’s a hip hop song that tells an origin story about Shang Chi.”  

The song is about him finding out that he has these powers and how his father wants to keep them under wraps. All of this is due to the fact that they are Chinese, so they don’t want people to know what they can do.  

BrianIshii mentions lyrics like this in the song, “Father please don’t make me keep this secret, I have to let it go. I know that you are doing everything that you can, just give me a chance.” This shows how much Shang Chi wants to be free and express his powers, but he also adores his father so much. 

This song has a lot to do with how Shang Chi got his power. He was born in China, isolated from people who could teach him anything. But he went out and found ways to learn all by himself. He learned things like martial arts, and eventually became a master. 

The Perfect Soundtrack to the Shang Chi Story 

Shang Chi is trying to break into the Western market, and 88rising wants to make sure that they do it correctly, which is why they wrote songs about him and created an entire world for him with music. Their soundtracks included songs like “Midsummer Madness” by Rich Brian featuring Joji, Higher Brothers, and August 08.  

This song is about how he is living in a dream world but still has to work hard to make it in the Western world. Also, “Out of Sight” by Kris Wu features Higher Brothers & Joji telling his story of where he used to be alone before he made it big in the industry. Then there’s “Momma” by Keith Ape featuring Father and JayAllDay which has a strong connection to his character because, like Shang Chi, he was isolated from society and used art as an escape. 

These songs contributed to 88rising’s success because they help tell all of their stories throughout their world. They show Shang Chi’s story and all of the struggles he went through before finally becoming successful.  


Shang Chi is a character who has been forced to deal with racism and struggle with his own identity. He will become the main protagonist of the series, and the music used in “The Rising” will play that role. By using songs filled with powerful lyrics about betrayal and sadness, 88rising made sure that Shang Chi’s story would be told perfectly by playing into the emotions of viewers. 

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