Hanz Zimmer sent a love letter in musical scoring in Dune: Here are some tips from his approach

Hans Zimmer may sound familiar to you. Of course, he should be! Zimmer is the maestro behind the music of classics such as Gladiator, The Dark Knight Trilogy, the Pirates of the Caribbean films, Interstellar, and a whole lot more. According to Zimmer, Dune employed the sound that he’s been dreaming of making ever since he was a teenager. He wanted Dune to be the sound that no one has ever heard before, and he even emphasized how the soundtrack would be far from Star Wars! 

Along with the making of Dune, we can see how Zimmer was really passionate about making this as unique as he wanted it to be. When he was first approached to score Dune, he knew exactly how we wanted it to be: sounds that steer away from a Western orchestra. The musical score combines the chest-thumping and huge sound of Zimmer’s best known work of the last decade with the essence of radical sonic experimentation. It sounded so futuristic— right off the bat, you’ll know the hard work put into every piece. 

You see, the very fact that he loved making this score to the point that he avoided watching the 1984 movie adaptation of Dune directed by David Lynch, which featured music by Toto, is already an obvious fact that he took this work seriously. Zimmer was able to send a love letter in musical scoring in Dune, I mean, how lovely would that sound? 

You want tips, do you? Well, first, the soundtrack included sounds of scraping metal, Indian bamboo flutes, Irish whistles, pulsating drum sounds, rumbles of distorted guitar, a cello, and etc. This means that he was able to put together lots of elements in order to come up with a beautiful piece. With that, it’s great to know how to include different sound elements in your musical scoring. Experiment with your imagination. For Zimmer, he has been experimenting with his imagination for nearly 50 years just to come up with Dune. You wouldn’t need 50 years to copy his approach, but you would need time to put things together.  

As part of his creative process, Zimmer also went to spend a week in Utah just to have a grasp on the sound of the desert. His score is notable in Dune that it was always described as an otherworldly equivalent of a “Planet Earth”-style nature spectacular. With this, another tip is get even more creative by exploring sounds produced by your surroundings. The very fact that this score was able to achieve a universal ambiance is because of Zimmer’s desire to incorporate different earthly sounds. 

Lastly, one tip you should never forget is having passion. We’re sure we mentioned how Zimmer had been working on this score for nearly 50 years, and that’s 5 decades. He really wanted this to be different, this is why he tried exhausting all approaches possible in order to come up with the perfect musical score. With these tips, you’ll surely be able to get close to how Dune was produced beautifully.  

Why is Megan Thee Stallion the Fastest Rising Southern Rapper Today? 

I know what you’re thinking— Tiktok! I can even hear the sounds of WAP playing in the background while I write this.. Even though it’s not even playing. That’s how Megan Thee Stallion ruled the application earlier this year. All over our For You pages, we can see almost all people shaking their asses and dancing their way through the song. Not only is it catchy, it’s really a trend-setting song that reminds us of Tiktok! 

The Houston rapper isn’t afraid of embracing her Southern roots, along with that, she isn’t afraid of making songs about sex. This is exactly what made her the fastest rising rapper today, she’s not just the most exciting talent but also one of the most amazing ones. She’s used to be known for her debut album entitled Fever, however, her aura twisted from making sounds that scream “commitment” to sounds that scream “dating”. Ever since “WAP” happened, it’s hard to associate Megan Thee Stallion with very “husband-y” songs already.  

Thanks to her YoTube and Instragram Feed, her occasional freestyle was able to travel across everyone’s timeline to the point that she was already able to release her mixtape entitled Rich Ratchet and an EP entitled Make It Hot. With this, you could literally see how tirelessly Megan was working on her craft. Her “Stalli Freestyle” gave her the image of a charismatic star.  

Growing up, she’s been listening to men rappers such as Pimp C, UGK, Juicy J, and to her father playing Three Six Mafia. This gave her the inspiration to the rapper she is now, saying “dang, this would sound real cool if a girl was doing this”. One of the most crucial influences in her sudden popularity was her late mother Holly Thomas, who, when Megan was a child, rapped under the name “Holly-Wood”. Thomas gave birth and passed down the gift of a matter-of-fact female confidence; she brought Megan into a studio at such an early age, which explains why there’s no point in Megan’s consciousness when she believed women aren’t good to be rappers.  

Megan continued having the confidence even in the 2018 Tina Show single “Big Ole Freak”, which is considered as Megan Thee Stallion’s exciting breakout hit. Her mixtape entitled “Freak” sounded far from “commitment” and “marriage”, with one of its lyrics saying: “Suck it then look in his eyes then the next day I might leave him on read”. Megan was able to establish a women-centric space in Freak’s music video as if she owns the world and we don’t need men. 

Not to mention that she’s a working girl despite juggling her career. As per her Twitter bio which states, “The seductive femcee is a full-time college student”, we know that she’s been working hard to build the foundation of a successful career whilst paving her way on achieving a Health Administration degree at Texas Southern University. She’s a woman of inspiration, and we all know it. We have yet to know more about her, and we know the world’s excited.  

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