Best Ring Lights For Influencers

From YouTube, to TikTok and even Zoom calls, we have all your ring light needs covered

We didn’t want our audience to be in the dark about the top ring lights available. How did ring lights become so popular when, up until five years ago, unless you worked in photography, you probably had never even heard of one? A ring lamp, which was initially developed for medical applications, offers illumination with minimum shadowing because the light’s source is so near the optical axis of the camera lens. By creating an even shadow across the face, it minimizes shadow, blemishes, and texture on the face while highlighting the eyes. For this reason alone, ring lights have been called “glamour” or “beauty lights.” It gives the topic an almost artificially perfect, perfect appearance.

Luxury Ring Light

Spectrum’s lighting kit offers a professional, bright, and flicker-free continuous lighting solution and comes with everything you need for the ideal professional standard lighting for beauty bloggers. A powerful 19″ Gold Luxe II ring light with an adjustable color temperature that mimics both warm and natural daylight makes it ideal for professional make-up artists and beauty portraits. It has a soft, almost shadowless, clean spread of light, and the dimmable control lets you adjust the brightness to your desired output and effect.

The Beauty Influencer Ring Light

The following ring light is fantastic for anyone producing content for YouTube or Instagram because it has a stand and fits neatly on your vanity or table top, enabling you to record hands-free vlog-style material while also getting the right lighting. It’s the ideal companion for you creators, with 3 different modes and 10 options. The layout is ideal in our opinion and even includes an iPhone stand that fits in the middle of the light.

The TikTok Ring Light

The classic ring light that comes to mind, the sort we are used to seeing behind the scenes on a photoshoot where the images often leave us thinking ‘but is she that good looking IRL?’. This one stands tall and is perfect for shooting content for TikTok where you need a full length shot. This ring light is for those who don’t mess around when it comes to lighting. Great for photos and videos, its lightweight, easy to pack and travel with – so you can glow on the go!

Without it, you can look grainy, out of focus, or even shadowy—like an anonymous witness in a true-crime show. A ring light is a simple tool whose diffuse glow can bring you out of the dark and make you look more professional.

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